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Founded in 1666, Lund University is one of northern Europe’s oldest, broadest and finest universities and is consistently ranked as one the world’s top 100 universities.

The education system in Sweden is divided into three cycles:

  • First cycle (undergraduate/Bachelor’s)
  • Second cycle (postgraduate/Master’s)
  • Third cycle (postgraduate/doctoral – PhD)

Choosing international Bachelor’s or Master’s degree studies at Lund University gives you more than just a high-quality education.

The international programmes provide excellent opportunities to form a global network of professional and academic colleagues – invaluable throughout your future career.


Reasons you should choose to study at Lund University

  • University of Lund is among the top 100 university in the world.
  • World-leading research facilities.
  • International scholarship options.
  • Sweden’s top-ranked comprehensive university.
  • A top 100 university for graduate employability.
  • The #1 choice for international students studying in Sweden, offering a choice of over 100 international degree programmes, as well as exchange and PhD studies.
  • Founded in 1666 (currently celebrating our 350th jubilee) – one of the oldest and broadest universities in northern Europe.
  • A non-profit, public university with 42,000 students.
  • University of Lund attracts students from 130 different nationalities, creating a truly international campus.
  • Global class environments where students gain cultural perspectives and develop international networks – highly valued by employers worldwide.
  • The breadth of the University creates excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary research and education.
  • Lund University is a member of international research-intensive university networks such as LERU and U21.
  • Lund is home to over 30 world-leading research environments and is the location for two of Europe’s largest research facilities: MAX IV (now open) and ESS (being built).
  • Students in Lund are given excellent opportunities for business interaction, as the city, with its unique, world-class environment for technology, knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship, hosts an impressive breadth of global companies.


Top reasons to study in Lund:

  • Lund is considered the best student city in Sweden with the unique combination of traditional student nations (social clubs), an academic society and student unions organising events and activities year round.
  • The Malmö region (including Lund) is the 4th most inventive in the world (Forbes 2013)
  • In Lund, students can experience the rich history and cultural heritage of a Swedish medieval university town and at the same time be a part of the dynamic and international atmosphere created by Lund University students and staff.
  • Lund is only 10 minutes away from Sweden’s third largest city and 40 minutes from the international airport in Copenhagen, making it a great hub for travel throughout Sweden and Europe.


Entry requirements

General entry requirements

In addition to the general entry requirements, you must meet the specific entry requirements as detailed by each programme. For example, many Master’s degree programmes require that your Bachelor’s degree has a particular major, or you may need to have completed certain subject credits within your Bachelor’s degree.

The specific entry requirements for the programmes can be found under the programme webpages.


Bachelor’s level studies:

To meet the general entry requirements for Bachelor’s level studies all students must:

  • have successfully completed their upper secondary education (post-16) that gives access to universities in the student’s home country. Note that for students who received their final school grades after 31 December 2009, there is an additional entry requirement for mathematics*
  • be able to demonstrate proficiency in English by means of an internationally recognised test, e.g. TOEFL, IELTS or the equivalent


Master’s level studies:

To meet the entry requirements for Master’s level studies, you must:

  • have been awarded a Bachelor’s degree from an internationally recognised university
  • be able to demonstrate proficiency in English by means of an internationally recognised test, e. g. TOEFL, IELTS or the equivalent.


Doctoral education (PhD) overview

Doctoral candidates at Lund University are not only well prepared for successful careers as independent researchers, but they also have strong possibilities to publish their work independently during their studies and to gain significant teaching experience.

  • Lund University offers doctoral education in all eight faculties.
  • There are no tuition fees for doctoral education at Lund University.
  • Doctoral education is organised at the department level.
  • You apply directly to the department when they advertise a doctoral position.
  • Self-funded candidates should contact the department of their research interest directly


Tuition fees

The tuition fee for a specific programme or course can be found on the programme and course webpages. 

Please note that there are no application or tuition fees for:

  • exchange students
  • PhD students
  • citizens of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland

Students who are citizens of countries outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland are generally required to pay tuition fees. Tuition fees do not apply for EU/EEA citizens.

Most programs are $11,000–$16,000 per year. However, students can receive financial aid and scholarships.


Tuition fee payment

Lund University issues an invoice in advance of each semester of study, with payment due before the start of the semester. The deadlines for Lund University tuition fee payments are:

Autumn semester studies (September-January):

  • Invoices are generated and sent to you in the Student Portal during April
  • Payment is due by 20 May, however we strongly urge you to pay as early as possible in order to make your residence permit application on time

Spring semester studies (January-June):

  • Invoices are generated and sent to you in the Student Portal during November
  • Payment is due by 30 November


University of Lund academic calendar

Students applying for international Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programmes in English have the following application periods:

  • Mid-October to 15 January for studies starting in the autumn semester (August/September). Note that a few programmes do not open for applications until 1 December.
  • Early June to 15 August for studies starting in the spring semester (January). Note that only a few programmes start in the spring semester each year.

In general, international students can only apply to Bachelor’s or Master’s studies at Lund University during these application periods and through the national application system. The dates refer to the deadline to apply online.

After this deadline, students usually have another two weeks to get their documents and their application fee (if applicable) to Sweden.


Jobs at Lund University

University of Lund is constantly looking for new employees, both researchers and lecturers as well as administrative staff. English is widely spoken in Sweden and many jobs are advertised in English. Being able to speak Swedish is not necessarily a prerequisite. At Lund University 30% of the employees are international.


How to apply for vacancies

When you have found a job that you wish to apply for, please log in to the recruitment system MyNetwork via the link in the vacancy notice. All applicants should follow the same link, whether you need to create a new account or are already registered.

If you experience technical issues when applying, please refer to the support contacts within the application website. Please also note that your CV is allowed to be up to 10 MB and it may be in .pdf, .txt, .rtf or .doc format. Files with .docx format need to be converted into .pdf or .doc files. Get more information about jobs at the University of Lund.

University of Lund, Sweden

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