Study in Bulgaria – Cheap Tuition Universities in Bulgaria with Tuition Fees

Bulgaria is one of the cheapest study location sitting in Europe with its terrain encompassing the Black sea coastline. International students can choose to study either in the Bulgarian or English language as these are the only languages used in the universities there. Also, fees structures for the various courses in various languages vary from language to language.

Study in Russia – Cheap Tuition Universities in Russia with Tuition Fees

Russia may not be the first place of study to come to your mind as you wish to study abroad. However, there are attractive undergraduate study options in one of the world’s growing economic nations. Russia is a member of the European Higher Education Area thus, Russian universities and higher education institutions have begun to offer a more Westernized model of higher education. That process is only beginning, though, and Russian universities can be challenging places of study, with a legacy of political interference, nepotism and corruption.