Study in Lithuania – Cheap Tuition Universities in Lithuania with Tuition Fees

In this article, we are considering the Low Tuition Universities and Colleges in Lithuania, How to Apply, Cost of Living, Admission Requirements and Tuition Fees. It might interest you to know that in Lithuania the colleges (kolegija) and universities are the two higher education institutions. Colleges deal on practical training for particular professions.

Study in Italy – Cheap Tuition Universities in Italy with Tuition Fees

List of low tuition universities in Italy, tuition fees, cost of living, admission and visa requirements are what we will consider in today’s article. But before I do that, I will like us to know a little about Italy. Italy, a European country with a long Mediterranean coastline, has left a powerful mark on Western Culture and cuisine is a very good country for international students seeking to study their courses in a foreign land.